Mesaj Presedinte Rotary ­­INTERNATIONAL

Dear fellow Rotarians, 

 Welcome to this Rotary Institute.

 In November 2017 you will have the opportunity to celebrate our successes, expand your network across borders and cultures, and share your ideas for the years ahead. Please enjoy the event and participate to fullest because then you will be best able to really make a difference. 

 As Rotarians, our commitment to service is what drives us, and we want to be a part of something larger than ourselves. 

This Institute is where we take our passion for community service to the next level, finding inspiration in each other’s accomplishments to bring our service to greater heights. I hope you take the knowledge gained at this Institute back to your clubs and districts to help them succeed throughout the coming year. 

Together, we will achieve great things through our service in Rotary: Making A Difference.

                                              IAN RISLEY